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Aquatic & Terrestrial

Environmental Consulting Services


RC BioSolutions Ltd. has a dedicated and highly experienced group of aquatic/fisheries biologists and terrestrial ecologists.


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RC Bio Solutions

RC BioSolutions Ltd. is  a professional environmental consulting services firm based in central Alberta that specializes in aquatic biology and terrestrial ecology. We have a highly experienced group of experts to provide scientifically defensible, cost effective solutions for our clients. We provide all aspects of environmental impact assessment, including baseline studies and environmental monitoring, to help clients navigate the sometimes complicating permitting process for both small and large scale projects, helping to ensure projects are developed in a environmentally sustainable manner.

Aquatic Impact

Our highly experienced and qualified aquatic / fisheries biologists, have expertise in both assessing fish habitat quality and potential impacts on fisheries resources. 


RC BioSolutions Ltd. has built a reputation providing professional and high quality environmental consulting services to a variety of industries and has completed numerous wetland impact assessments and successfully obtained Water Act approvals for these projects.

Wildlife & Bird

RC BioSolutions Ltd. staff have had major roles in managing and conducting all aspects of terrestrial assessments


Click here to learn about one of RC BioSolutions Ltd.'s multi-year environmental effects monitoring programs


Specializing in aquatic biology and terrestrial ecology

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